Here are 5 ways to join us.

1 - Partner - We work with wonderful volunteer church hubs across the UK to run the Intentional Health 10-session programme. If you know a church who might be interested in finding out how to  partner with us to deliver Intentional Health programmes in your community, please click here.

2 - Angels - We don’t rely on NHS or government funding to get Intentional Health into communities, we partner with generous people like you, who give small, regular donations - If you want to join a host of angels in making a donation please donate here or find out more here.

3 - Prayer - As an organisation motivated by our Christian faith we believe prayer is essential. If you would like to join us in praying for this work, please sign up here for regular prayer emails and updates.

4 - Individual health and wellbeing - If you are interested in getting support in being more intentional about your own health and wellbeing then why not attend a programme in your local community or sign up to receive our blogs via regular email.

5 - Health Professionals - We already use current public health guidelines and have recently updated our content to include NHS principles using the tools comprised in Making Every Contact Count (MECC) guidance. We also work with Exeter University Medical school to evaluate our evidence based programme. If you would like to read our pilot research you can download a copy here.

If you want to start on your journey towards being more intentional about your health then why not download our FREE Intentional Health journey workbook by clicking the picture below, to help start your journey to living a healthier, happier life.

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