Do you want to save lives in your local community?

Intentional Health partners with passionate church leaders and volunteers, who are looking for ways to serve their community, love their neighbours and save lives, one life at a time.

Health and wellbeing affects everybody and everything we do.

Poor health and wellbeing can drastically impact people’s lives and the lives of those they love.

We believe #EveryBodyMatters.

Funding may also be available to help you to set up and run Intentional Health in your community.

What is Intentional Health™?

Intentional Health™ is an award winning 10-session Cinnamon Network Recommended Project which is delivered in a community setting, by trained church volunteers.

We equip churches and volunteers to build healthier, happier communities, by meeting local people at their point of need, in a meaningful and relevant way and empowering them to change their lives for good.

The Intentional Health programme provides a way to build lasting, life-giving relationships with people of all faiths and none.

Many of those who attend the programme come because they want to improve their health and wellbeing and have little or no ongoing connection with the local church.

If you want to save lives and believe that #EveryBodyMatters, we’d love to hear from you.

How Intentional Health works

We train between 2 and 4 volunteers from a church (or a group of churches working together) to become 'Intentional Health Coaches'. Volunteers don’t need to be health experts themselves.

Our comprehensive 3 day training means and the resources we provide mean that volunteers simply need to have servant hearts and be willing to facilitate the well structured group sessions in the local community.

Intentional Health uses a mixture of digital and physical resources, designed with you and your local community in mind.

Intentional Health uses a mixture of digital and physical resources, designed with you and your local community in mind.

We provide interactive powerpoint materials and fun activities and resources to equip volunteer coaches with everything they need, to come alongside people and serve them well.

Those who attend the programme have an opportunity to explore their health and wellbeing from a whole person perspective, that includes mental, physical and spiritual health.

We do this in an accessible and life-giving way, that covers important topics, with plenty of fun along the way.


By running the Intentional Health Programme, local churches are changing lives for good by:

  • Preventing lifestyle diseases, as people are empowered to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices, form new habits and live life to the full

  • Helping people suffering from lifestyle related conditions and diseases to live life well

  • Giving people an opportunity to explore spiritual health from a Christian perspective, in welcoming, accessible groups that are suitable for people of all faiths and none

  • Enabling health professionals to signpost patients to local community programmes, freeing up valuable NHS resources to allow clinical professionals to focus on what only they can.


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“I can’t stress enough that you get in touch and see how Intentional Health can help you change lives in your local community.”

Dr John Kirkby CBE, Founder, Christians Against Poverty

1 in 4 people suffer from poor mental health.
3 in 4 people will suffer or die prematurely from preventable lifestyle diseases.
100% of people in this life still die, but we help them live life well and explore faith at the same time.


SO Why the local church?

“Church isn’t about getting bums on seats on a Sunday morning, it’s about meeting people regardless of their background or beliefs and walking alongside them until they believe that they are both loved and loveable. Intentional Health is a way that the love of God can be demonstrated by living the basic command to love one another.”

Revd. Chloe James

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2019 Training Dates

Contact us to see if you are eligible for grant funds to help set you up too!

Enrolment for training in 2019 is still open. We currently have 4 remaining training dates available:

  • 1st - 4th October - Venue TBC

  • 17-19th October - Venue Cornwall

  • 19-22 November - Venue TBC

  • Contact us for our 2020 Dates.

    These provisional training dates are subject to change, and may be flexible. Please get in touch if you are looking for alternative dates, or would like us to train at your venue. We’ll do our best to help!

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