How much will it cost us to run Intentional Health?

Intentional Health is designed to be delivered by church partners in local communities.

We partner with organisations rather than individuals, so all volunteers will require the agreement and full support of their local church leadership.

This page gives you information about what it costs to partner with us. You could cover some of start-up costs through grant funding - with some of the ongoing costs being covered by those who attend your programmes.

However you choose to fund your Intentional Health programme, we recommend you consider charging those who attend at least the cost of a cup of coffee per session.

Why? Because our experience is that people tend to value something more (and get more out of it) if they’ve invested something in it themselves first.

As a partner, you’re free to agree with your team and local church leadership what feels like an appropriate cost for someone to attend the programme in your community.


Initial One-off Training Fee = £600
Monthly Licence Fee = £35/month
Handbook Bundles of 10 = £225 (cost can be passed onto members)

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what your investment offers….


For this, Intentional Health will provide:

  • Three full days training* for 2-4 coaches, including lunch and refreshments

  • Each Coach is provided with an individual 200+ page full-colour Intentional Health Programme Coach Manual to accompany the downloadable digital resources

  • The PowerPoint/Keynote resources contain the presentations and embedded videos used during each session. These are available via digital download

  • Each church is provided with an Intentional Health Church Resource Pack. This includes all the resources necessary for a variety of activities, together with specialist equipment used in evaluating the Intentional Health Programme

*We have predetermined criteria to prioritise assigning coach training places when oversubscribed.

** In some circumstances there may be an option to explore us coming to train your people at your venue, if you incur the costs. Please get in touch to discuss this with us further.

(Paid in monthly instalments for a minimum of 12 months)

Your monthly payments and license to run the Intentional Health programme will commence the same month as your training and last for as long as membership terms are adhered to - and for a minimum of 12 months.

For this, Intentional Health will provide:

  • Permission for ongoing use of and delivery of Intentional Health Programmes, resources and equipment, as agreed by the Church Partner Collaboration Agreement

  • Ongoing support and accountability to help set up, deliver and evaluate each Intentional Health programme

  • Digital updates to Intentional Health Coach Manual and Resources

  • Ongoing access to telephone/online and email support, including via exclusive coach hub/ videos/forum/webinars

  • Ongoing collection and subsequent evaluation of data collected during Intentional Health programmes. We aim to use this to positively influence health professional referrals

  • Exclusive monthly coach webinar/video Intentional Health devotionals

  • Ongoing access to updated PDF printable resources including programme handouts and marketing information

  • Ad hoc site visits by Intentional Health staff to provide support and quality assurance

  • Central marketing and PR support including website programme promotion and press releases

  • Member registration and data capture forms (via coach hub website)

  • Attendance register and feedback forms

  • License commences the term immediately following the training and lasts as long as membership terms are adhered to, and for a minimum of 12 months

  1.  Ongoing costs are subject to an annual review.

(Sold in bundles of 10 = £225)

As a church partner, you’re free to charge what you feel to be appropriate to attend your local programme. We suggest charging people £25 to attend the course and receive the 70 page colour accompanying Programme Handbook. This cost is equivalent of £2.50 per session for 10 sessions, which we’d recommend being payable at the first session.)

  • Handbooks are available to purchase from us in bundles of 10

  • One free handbook in every 10 given to the church (therefore costs = £225 for 10)

  • The sale of handbooks to members of your first programme can be used to finance the resources you’ll need for your next programme


As we are a recognised Cinnamon Network Programme, you may qualify for one of their £2,000 micro-grants to help with the start-up costs of running the Intentional Health programme. Please visit the Cinnamon Network site to see if they currently have micro-grants available in your local area. Alternatively, you could pursue other funding options like the Santander community grant or Church Urban Fund.


We are so confident that you’ll love the Intentional Health programme that we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee*

(*Attend and participate fully in all 3 days of our initial training and if you don’t get something of value from the programme, we will give you your money back).


Your church will need to provide:

  • 2-4 willing volunteers.

    It’s essential that they have a heart and passion to serve their local community (and desirable that they have an interest in healthy living too!) Some experience in facilitating groups and confidence in presentation skills would be useful. As a guide, volunteers will need to commit approximately 5 hours per week when they are running a programme, to prepare for and deliver sessions and provide pastoral support for those attending.

  • Access to a comfortable regular meeting space to host the weekly sessions

  • A laptop with PowerPoint (or an iPad) which can be connected to a TV screen/Projector

  • A large TV screen/projector to play a short digital presentation during each session

  • Access to a printing facility to print out a set of COLOUR handouts and questionnaires for each person

  • Access to a laptop or ipad to enable coaches to submit online attendance registers, questionnaires, feedback and evaluation data after programme completion.

What else would it be helpful for churches to provide?

  • Refreshments (tea/coffee/water)

  • Additional volunteers from the church to support with prayer, refreshments and befriend people who’ve come on the programme from local community, who may not yet have links to your local church.

  • Access to a Wi-fi Internet connection (this is not essential at the venue where you run the programme, but will be required to complete data online submissions pre- and post-programme delivery)

  • Knowledge of other community activities available in your local area

  • Knowledge of social outreach programmes in your local community, so you can signpost these as appropriate. (completion of a simple online form/audit will be required prior to training by the coaches that will help with these)


Whilst we recognise and celebrate that every individual, church and community is unique, we encourage our church partners to take on the following aims:

  • 8-12 people to attend each programme and come to over 70% of the sessions (the attendance of participants needs to be recorded and reported back to Intentional Health)

  • Deliver around 5 programmes over 3 years

  • Administer measurements and questionnaires to those consenting pre- and post-programme and report back to Intentional Health using registers and systems provided.

  • Foster and encourage long-term relationships between individuals from the church and wider local community

  • Encourage individuals to complete post 12 month programme questionnaires and evaluations using systems provided

  • Complete Intentional Health Coach peer assessments (covered during training) at least once for each programme delivered

  • Ensure as far as is possible, that all members leave a programme feeling valued

  • Inform Intentional Health HQ with a term’s notice, if they wish to terminate the partnership after your initial 12 month partnership period.

    Further information will be provided during training for enrolled coaches in the Intentional Health Operations Manual (IHOM)


We are happy to train additional coaches from existing partner churches, a year or two after the initial team have trained. We would assume that your Lead Coach will be able to integrate the new coaches into the existing team.

  • Cost for Additional/Subsequent Coach Training = £200 per person

If you require any further information that we’ve not included here, please contact us on or call 01208 815123.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Intentional Health to inspire healthy communities and share the love of Jesus.

Intellectual property: All physical and digital Intentional Health programme content, resources and materials provided remain the property of Intentional Health for the duration of the partnership and should be returned to Intentional Health at the end of a partnership agreement.