Thank you to the following organisations who donated funding specifically towards this website.

Without the generosity of these people, you would not be reading this site now :) We hope it be a catalyst to help and bless many people for many years to come…

Thank you for financial grants and gifts from:

I would also like to thank … (in no particular order)

Pete Pickford for his excellent film and photography, and generosity with his time

Paul Phillips for his hours of SEO tagging and editing the website copy

John Kirkby for his endorsement and nomination for funding from the Light church

Alistair Sharp, for helping me see that investing in my website was a wise thing to do

Sarah (no relation to Paul!) Phillips - for her help with crafting brand scripts and SO forms

Helen Gardner and Andy Cox, 2 of our amazing coaches who rallied their members for filming

For Mark Pengelly who gave his time, support and even risked life and death to get me home after being snowed in! ;-)

The most amazing people who had the courage to share their stories of how Intentional Health has impacted them, not because they want fame and glory- It took an awful lot of courage for most of them to speak and be photographed!

They did it because they selflessly hope their story will inspire others to give it a go so it can help them live well too.

Mandy and the faithful Prayer warriors who have upheld this work in prayer - May it bring Glory to God!

My husband and family who have patiently put up with me living with my head in a laptop

For Jesus, who wrote my name in His book* (*Quote borrowed from John Rinehart - Gospel Patrons)

Huge thanks and credit to you all for what we have been able to make possible together!