Intentional Health’s core mission is to equip local church volunteers to deliver our inspirational 10 session programme to transform lives and communities by improving health and wellbeing.

Church volunteers are often passionate, involved and invested in serving their local communities. We train and equip them with a professional quality, but simple to use health and wellbeing programme to inspire better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

We see many improved health outcomes, including reduced BMI, Improved self esteem and even people who no longer suffer from Type 2 diabetes and continue to find ways to measure and report these outcomes effectively.

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Addressing Root causes

Intentional Health is passionate about preventing and addressing the root causes of lifestyle disease, reducing health inequalities and improving health and wellbeing.

Imagine you're standing on the side of a huge river. There are people being dragged down the river and unable to do anything to get themselves out. While some people stand or shout from the side lines, we are helping people understand why they are falling in the river in the first place to help prevent them doing so again.

Inspiring Lifestyle Changes

Intentional Health aims to improve health and wellbeing by inspiring choice and encouraging a step by step journey towards improved in lifestyle habits and behaviour.

We're not here to tell people what to do and then leave them to it.

We don't do individual crash diets or exercise plans. We believe we are a whole person and as such, need to explore health within a whole person context, understanding that each part of us impacts all other parts.

We also recognise that we are often better off journeying with others in our community who can help celebrate with us along the way and understand the challenges too.

Instead we help people along their journey, so they can continue to make healthier lifestyle choices habits after the programme is complete and they can change their lives for the better.

Transformational Vision

The vision of Intentional Health is to impact the UK through local churches delivering Intentional Health Programmes, which we believe can be transformational for both the NHS and health and wellbeing of the nation.

This is not for a small, select group of people. We want to see people in communities all over impacted across the nation. We aim to help prevent people suffering needlessly through lifestyle diseases, and free up the precious NHS resources to help the doctors and health professionals to do the acute care (clinical and medical stuff that only they can do) better.

Professional Quality

Intentional Health is professionally delivered and underpinned by our Christian values.

Even though Intentional Health is delivered by volunteers, we equip them with training and excellent, professional standard resources that are evidence based and properly evaluated. This means our volunteers can deliver a quality programme in a friendly and inclusive way, and health professionals can confidently signpost patients to Intentional Health programmes in their local communities.


We aim to have local church partner hubs operating sustainably in communities across the UK. We aim to serve our partners from a financially sustainable, healthy and effective charitable social enterprise. We aim to replicate to reach a scale that means no-one needs to travel more than an hour, or wait more than a term, to attend a programme.


Member of the Evangelical Alliance No. 243578